The Monday Morning Memo - Why You Should Read It

Roy H. Williams built an empire by spreading his wisdom in little bite-sized pieces over many, many years.  His Monday Morning Memo has been required-reading for small and medium sized owner operated businesses for two decades.

He didn't exactly invent the concept of the blog. Instead, he preceded it by several years. The original Monday Morning Memo was actually faxed (at Roy's expense) to subscribers long before email and RSS feeds. But his musings and insights are as relevant today as they ever were. Especially since they include the experience that comes from building a metric boat-load of hugely successful brands across the United States and Canada.

Just in my neck of the woods, Toronto, Roy is the genius behind the massive Spence Diamonds brand and the creative mind that fuels Ontario's 1-800-GOT-JUNK campaign. Trust me, you can't afford an hour of his time. But you'll learn a lot from the MMM, and you can't beat the price. Sign up with confidence - I've been a subscriber for 14 years and he's never shared my email address with anyone.

My favourite MMM recently revolved about measurement of sales figures and how the data can actually conceal a potential problem.  Here's a link to it.