Ads That Qualify Customers... and do nothing else

Is that enough to bring them to you?

I took all of these photos in one day, in one city.

I took all of these photos in one day, in one city.

The best examples of this, right now anyway, are personal injury attorneys. Their ads are amazingly consistent from one to another. They have headlines like, "Have you been injured?" followed by their phone number or website. And in most cases, this is the entirety of their message. Qualifying someone as a potential customer is more important to this lawyer than building his brand. What would advertising be like if everyone used this model to build their message.

Budweiser commercials would begin, "Are you thirsty?"

Ford commercials would begin, "Are you tired of riding the bus?"

The point these well-meaning advertisers are missing is that having been injured is a good reason to call a personal injury lawyer, but not a good reason to call any particular one. So while you've done an excellent job of qualifying your customer, you've done nothing at all to help them choose you. They're so concerned about talking to the right people, and only to the right people, that they've ignored the fact that they're not actually saying anything. 

That's why you need to build a brand, and not just identify people who are thirsty.