We live in a time when everyone is distracted by new marketing media.  You have to take advantage of the latest ways of communicating.

You really do.

But while everyone else is gushing about the possibilities of every new medium, Roy H. Williams and his partners, are quietly focusing on the message.  It's always been about the message.

As the author of several New York Times bestselling business books, including Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads (The Wall Street Journal's #1 business book in America) Roy Williams quickly became the go-to voice for small and medium sized businesses looking for big ideas and bigger results.  And while the advertising landscape is constantly changing, "saying the right thing" has never been more important.

On the weekends Mick is a rockstar.   Photo by Chris Torbay

On the weekends Mick is a rockstar.  Photo by Chris Torbay

Navigating media (how you're going to say it) and sizes of budgets (how loudly and how often you're going to say it) must go hand-in-hand with the message (what you're going to say).  When you correctly interpret what the consumer wants to hear as opposed to what the client wants to promote, predictable and measurable results can be achieved every time.  But not everyone has the stomach for it.  Not every client dares to stand so far apart from the competition.

Are you an outlier, or are you comfortable with your position in the middle of the pack?

Roy H. Williams recruited Michael Torbay to join Wizard of Ads Partners in July of 2015 because he saw a common vision: A belief that a unique and persuasive message produces results every time.  With a 20-year track record building client success, Torbay Partners now includes the international team of strategists and media planners from Wizard of Ads Partners.