Things are done very professonally...(Torbay Partners) makes my life a whole lot easier

Richard PIerson
JC Bradley Jewellers - Vernon, BC

Our advertising previously to (working with Torbay Partners) was basically winging it.. we knew when the presentation was made it was something we needed to focus on

Jennifer Scott
A Touch of Gold - Montague, PEI

I lots of people coming in that had never been in the store before

Amanda Lanteigne
Gold N' Memories - Steinbach, MB 

When we launched in October right away we saw we were up 53% for the started right away...we’ve been up every month

Glen Tutty
Joy Gift & Jewellery - Sydney, NS

It’s sort of a shame that we hadn’t started this earlier....

Paul Korsten
Korsten Jewellers - Orangeville, ON

Things are tough out there for a lot of people but for us we’ve maintained and had increases

Richard Pierson
JC Bradley - Salmon Arm, BC