This is where my biography goes.  The theory is, if you know where I was born, or what I do on the weekends, it'll help you decide whether or not I can help you or your business.  But the truth is, all that matters is that I can help you and your business.  The rest is just filler. I bet you don't particularly care about your mechanic's political leanings and neither do you care that I'm the youngest of 7...which I'm not.  What you really want to know is how I think about my work and your business. So, lets just jump into that.   

My value to you is my ability to identify the stuff you've missed.

Let me give you an example.  I once met a client in the home healthcare business.  His store sells wheelchairs, stairlifts, scooters ... mostly for elderly people.  He was stuck in a rut; sales were flat.  He was spending piles of money in advertising, but not getting his share of results. His ads were focused on the products he sold.  The point of his ads were that his products were better, or he had better service, selection, price, whatever.  I asked him what business he was in?  He replied that he was in the wheelchair, stairlift and scooter business.  No, but what business are you in really?

"Oh I see,"  he says. "I'm in the mobility business.  Safety.  Lifestyle"

Be more specific.  What do you really sell?  This was tough for him, because he'd just spent $50,000 on bath-lifts, and he was fairly sure he was in the bath-lift business.

"I sell service.  Expertise.  Compassion?"

No, you're still thinking in advertising speak.  The reader of this bio might already have figured it out, but the client who had just bought 144 corridor-railings didn't see it.

"What you sell is not-going-to-a-nursing-home." 

That's much more powerful than a stairlift.  I can buy a stairlift anywhere.  And nobody cares about your stairlifts.  They don't care about the 2.5hp motor, or the cup holder or the racing stripes.  They don't even care how much it costs.  They're worried they might have to leave the home they've lived in for 30 years, and move somewhere without stairs.  People don't want to go and live in a nursing home.  And they can buy that at your store.  Just install a stairlift to solve that problem, a step-in bathtub to solve that problem, a few extra railings and a scooter to get to the corner market and you now have ten more years at home.

It's easy to see it once I show it to you.  Everyone misses it the first time.  That's why almost all advertising, in all categories, looks or sounds so similar.  Except for my clients.  They never look or sound like anyone else.  That's what I can do for you.  

...but if it still matters, I was born in North Bay.