I remember when Mick came to Wizard Academy 14 years ago. He was part of a special class of 14 people I invited to come as my guests because of their performance in a contest. Part of the contest was to realize that a contest was even taking place. I knew, even then, that Mick was going to become an extremely valuable ad writer and consultant.

Mick Torbay is courageous, insightful, astoundingly creative, sensitive to his clients' preferences and blind spots, and a man of extremely high integrity, the kind of guy who will always have your back.  Those are the men and women I seek to become my partners.  

I am delighted beyond measure that Mick Torbay - after 14 years - has finally accepted my invitation for partnership. He will run his office with complete autonomy and the full support of 4 dozen other extraordinary ad writers, analysts, strategists, and media buyers. Mick will lend us his genius and we will lend him ours.  None of us alone is as strong as all of us together.


Roy H. Williams is a New York Times best selling author and marketing consultant best known for his Wizard of Ads trilogy (Amazon). He is founder of the Wizard Academy institute and currently lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Pennie.

Williams was born March 29th 1958 in Dallas, Texas. Williams grew up in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma where he met his future wife Pennie while in high school. Williams attended Oklahoma State University before dropping out after day two and is known for saying "I didn't really pay that close attention on the second day."

Williams produces and publishes a free weekly column and podcast titled the Monday Morning Memo.  

Williams also hosts a live webcast on the second Monday of each month called "Wizard of Ads LIVE".