A different kind of ad agency


Wizard of Ads Partners are not like your typical ad agency.  To begin, we abandon the traditional ad agency model – the one that encourages the agency to sell the most marketing products possible to the client.  Traditional ad agencies only make more money if the client buys more marketing products and services.

With the Wizard of Ads Partner model, the agency only makes more money if the client makes more money.  Simple.  Our benefit to the client is not in how many hours we spend working on your project, but in how well the project delivers results.  Simple.  So you never have to wonder if we’re recommending a particular marketing program because it’ll actually work, or because it’s a way to keep the agency busy that month.  We’re not paid to be busy.  We’re paid to grow your company.  Simple.   

We’re not brokers.  We don’t mark-up your advertising.

We’re paid to advise, to write, to strategize, to succeed.  We’ll negotiate your media buying, but we don’t take a commission on media.  Same deal with your graphic artists or digital ad placement specialists.  That’s a private deal between you and the artist.  We’re not making money on other people’s work.  So we have no incentive to endorse anything that doesn’t lead to increased revenue to you.  The only way we increase our fees, is if you increase your sales.  Simple.

That means we recommend the media that works the best, not the one that kicks back the most to us.  That means we recommend the marketing initiatives that produce the highest yield, not the ones that are most profitable for the agency.  That means we’d sooner you keep your money in your pocket than spend it on something that might not work.

Our clients love it when we get a raise.

For us to receive a 20% pay bump, our client has to see 20% growth in sales.  You double your sales, we double our fees.  Many Wizard of Ads Partner clients have seen growth of this magnitude.  If your sales drop by 10%, so do our fees.  We’re in this together, and we have every incentive to do what we can to make you succeed.  When’s the last time an ad agency offered to take a pay cut if one of their ideas didn’t work?